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Calm yet character building. Childbirth is a journey that every woman should have the right to experience while being fully supported, feeling confident, and feeling safe.

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Pascale Keough

Pro-Life Doula & Educator

(613) 715-4769

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A Catholic Doula at your service!

Most people know that a Doula is a knowledgeable birth professional that helps women during pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks, sharing knowledge and resources, tips, and tricks to make it easier. A doula also prepares you for the big day by combining physical & emotional support. 

What is different with GrowingMoms Doula Services?

My training! As a former health coach and Medical Laboratory technician, I have a background in the medical field. I’m also a MicroBirth approved Educator and a Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator. Both offer a natural and holistic approach, slightly different from what we know here in Canada, but creating tremendous success for my clients.

But what stands out the most is my dedication to the smooth transition with your new baby. Dr. Thompson talks a lot about the first 96 hours and their importance, so I visit you multiple times as needed in the first 96 hours after birth to ensure everyone is doing okay and that breastfeeding is going well.

 If you are looking for a positive and uplifting journey to motherhood, I would love to chat!

I offer services to women in the Ottawa and surrounding areas and Prescott-Russell.

My Philosophy

Since 2016, I have been striving to improve the outcome of birth and postpartum for mothers. I have been deep into reading and trainings to continue gaining tools to help me in that mission.

For me, offering education, emotional and physical support to women during this transition is the key for them to thrive as confident and loving mothers as God intended. 

Being part of this intimate journey with the mothers I serve is always an honor; a task I take on with the utmost respect. When babies are born so are mothers and families. Every new addition is a blessing that makes us grow a little more each time.

As a mother and Doula I understand the need of having someone close and constant, a familiar face. That’s why I stand by you for as long as you need.

I’m on a mission to help more mothers feel supported and loved during childbirth so that more children feel loved and supported in life!

God Bless,




For a more holistic and traditional approach to childbirth and postpartum with the utmost respect, care, and proffessionalism; Hire GrowingMoms.

Nicola H.

We highly recommend GrowingMoms Doula Services. Pascale was a lifesaver after our twin boys were born! She has such a warm and calm presence that was incredibly helpful for my husband and I as new parents. Her compassion and sound knowledge of the pre and post-natal experience gave me a lot of reassurance. Our boys immediately responded so well to her it was easy to trust her with their care – we actually got some sleep! “

Anne-Marie C.

Pascale is a blessing! She was wonderful and so supportive before, during and after birth 💖 Do not hesitate to take her help if you are having your first baby and even if it’s your second!!! Thanks so much, we don’t know how we would have made it without you!!!

Katrina B.

Thank you, Pascale, for being there, for all of us. Instead of simply “getting through labour”, I was able to be uplifted and empowered by it. So glad you are a part of my birthing story. You clearly excel in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a doula the same as a midwife?

No. A doula provides no medical or nursing care. Since she doesn’t have these responsibilities, or other patients to attend to, she can give her complete attention to being by her client’s side for the entire length of her labor.

Does the doula replace the partner?

A doula doesn’t replace anyone. She is another member of the birth team and supports everyone in their own role. A doula’s presence helps partners participate at their own comfort level, showing them how and when to use various comfort techniques, providing information, and in some cases, looking after them as well. Partners are often grateful to be able to share the “coaching” responsibility with someone more experienced and can therefore enjoy the birth experience more.

Do I really need a doula?

Studies have shown that doulas can help cut back on time spent in labor, reduce a mom’s anxiety, lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections) and improve mother-baby bonding post-birth. Fewer mother report birth trauma when they have a doula.

Can a doula help if a woman has an epidural?

Yes. A doula’s presence is helpful during early labor and during the epidural placement process. She then continues to care for the woman and her family, offering emotional and informational support. And when it’s time to deliver the baby, the doula’s assistance can be invaluable.

Can a doula attend a cesarean birth?

Yes, a woman having a C-section can still use a doula’s support. The doula may or may not be in the operating room, depending on the wishes of the family and the medical staff, but either way, the doula is still there for the new mother in the recovery room. Available for the babies first latch and helping parents settle in their hospital room.

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