Birth with Confidence

March 11th 2020

6pm to 8pm

1566 Ste Marie ST, Embrun ON (La Clé des champs Bed & Breakfast)

Everything you need to know for an easier and faster birth…

If you are expecting in the next few months, you are probably starting to think about labour and delivery. Maybe you are a new mom unsure what to expect, or maybe you are looking to have a better experience than last time. Either way, this will help you feel confident and prepared for the Big Day! This 2h workshop is packed with information and tips to help moms prepare for birth emotionally and physically.

What’s on the menu!

  • The birth environment
  • 10 way’s to manage pain naturally; even if you plan to have an epidural
  • Baby’s position; how it affects the pain intensity and length of labour
  • How you can start working towards the birth of your dreams today
  • The fourth trimester, the Postpartum Period

After this workshop, you will feel confident about the birth of your baby and you will have a good part of your birth plan done and, have the tools and information needed to plan your postpartum period so that this major transition can run smoothly.

Birth and Postpartum is not a journey we need to survive through but a journey that will allow us to discover our strength as mothers!

The cost is 50$ per couple, spaces are limited. Register Here

Snacks and beverages will be available. PLUS all participants will receive a Pampers Gift Bag with a full-size bag of wipes and newborn diapers AND a Postpartum soothing bath kit from GrowingMoms! WOW