Family Planning

Family planning begins before getting pregnant. It is essential to prepare your body as it will help increase your chances of conceiving.  The body needs to feel safe and have enough nutritional reserve to even consider a pregnancy.  It also needs well-balanced hormones; being estrogen dominant is a major factor in health conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), endometriosis and infertility. Growing Moms can help boost your fertility and reduce complication in early pregnancy. With the help of nutrition, stress management and detoxification, we give the body the tools it needs to find that balance.

Pregnancy & Labour

During pregnancy, mothers need to do more than just eat a well-balanced diet.  Future parents all wish for a perfect baby. As baby’s brains are made of healthy fats from high quality foods, Growing Moms can help you make healthier food choices. Women that are expecting also need to reduce toxins that overwhelmed their bodies, causing chronic inflammation that could be harmful for the pregnancy. This sometimes causes the body to pull the emergency brake on the pregnancy or cause complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and other known pregnancy complications. Growing Moms can help you achieve a healthier pregnancy that ends with an easier and faster labour by preparing you physically, emotionally and mentally

The First Years

At the beginning, the bond between the mother and her baby is very important for a healthy long-term relationship with the child.  It is also the foundation for the child’s ability to learn, love and trust. It is important for new mothers to feel supported, confident in her abilities and reach her breastfeeding goals.  Working on the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, Growing Moms will help you transition into motherhood in the most natural and positive way possible. By working with Growing Moms, we can help mothers boost milk production and its quality, gain energy, reduce chances or symptoms of post-partum depression. Growing Moms can also help reduce colics and more.